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However, some aspects of her continuity were retained: Power Girl's existence was not revealed to the general public until years after her arrival on Earth-Two. Supergirl becomes involved with the Red Lanterns after coming into possession of a red ring, able to grant its bearer powers based on rage. The Power Girl of New Earth faces off against the Power Girl and Justice Society Infinity of the new Earth-2, due to the Earth-2 Power Girl's grief and rage over the loss of her cousin prompting her to believe that the 'other' Power Girl is an impostor with some role in Superman's absence. Power Girl, now a refugee of a destroyed universe, found herself on the single Earth of the DC Universe with a completely rewritten origin as an Atlantean, her powers the result of their scientific exploration and sorcery. Later, she becomes a full member of the Society when Superman retires from active membership.

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The Red Lantern Corps.

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Power Girl

Atlee's brain as returned to her body, and Ultra-Humanite' brain was put into a clone, also curing him of his genetic disease at the same time. See also: Retrieved February 4, The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. For some time, Power Girl believed she was an Atlantean.

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